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Interactive Training

We are transforming our Team Training Page into an interactive experience that will help our newest consultants reach their FreshSTART goals.

We invite our team members to explore our tips, advice, recommendations, links to resources, and video clips. Check how you are doing by answering training questions and giving us feedback. We tabulate your responses and offer incentive prizes!!!

Long-time experienced consultants are welcome to jump back in as a refresher course to earn incentive gifts, too!

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Strong Start University

We are excited to roll out a training program for our consultants! We call it "Strong Start University," or "StrongSTART U", for short. Our inspiration is to provide each and every team member with latest and greatest resources for growing our businesses.

You may ask, "Hey, Gayle! Does StrongSTART U really work?" My answer is "Yes, and I have the statistics to prove it!"

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Retreat Ready?

Norwex is different from other companies, because we can rub elbows and chat personally with top executives, board members, as well as our Black Jacket and Red Scarf sales leaders. Easy access to top leaders doesn't exist in other businesses, but it is deeply ingrained in the Norwex culture of transparency and openness.

To that end, we are organizing two Leadership Retreats...

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Why try so hard? Massage it instead!

Recently, a few new consultants told me that they were trying so hard to build their businesses. I really appreciate where they are coming from. This idea of trying hard is deeply ingrained in our culture. Our parents, our coaches, and our teachers… everyone who’s in a position of guidance encourages us to “try a little harder.” “Do a little more.”

But, what if we could skip the hard part?...

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Trade for a Bag of Gold?

If I walked up to Sonya (our national team leader) today, and offered her a bag of gold, in exchange for her entire Norwex business, what do you think she would say?

It’s a simple trade...

“Sonya, here’s a bag of gold.”

“Take this, and in exchange, I’ll take your entire Norwex business.”

...Sound like a good trade?

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Survival of the... Nicest!

For thousands of years, our largest institutions haven't been very people friendly: wars, price-gouging, corruption, scandal, pollution, exclusion, oppression, and worse. 

In contrast, on your very first day, as an independent consultant, you start at the very top of your own enterprise! That's right, you are the boss. What a relief!

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Being part of a Team

Last night I got a phone call from one of our team members. Oh no! She was on her way from Urgent Care to the hospital.

Even though she was experiencing a serious health crisis, she was most worried about the party that was on her calendar for 11 a.m. the next morning. She didn't want to cancel. She didn't want to let her hostess down. She didn't want to disappoint all the guests that were coming.

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Calendar Control!

One of the aspects of being self-employed that really appeals to me is my freedom to control my own calendar. I work when working feels good. That's when I have the most fun...and make the most money!

Sometimes, I get on a roll, and an eighty hour work week just flies by.

Other times, an 18 hour work week seems just about right.

What does your calendar look like?

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FaceBook Mega Party

Tonight we are hosting a team-wide event on FaceBook. We call it a Mega Party.

Here's how it works. As leaders, we schedule and set up the event beforehand. Then, we invite everyone on our team to invite their best customers. As the event unfolds, with posts and live videos, we follow up on comments, offer sweet deals, and help our customers place their orders.

It's a WIN, WIN!!!

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Brain Training!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, I workout at Grateful Fitness. Yes, I sweat. Yes, I get out of breath. Yes, sometimes, I fall over! But, you know what? I've got some big muscles now. Mmmm Hmmm. Yeah!

Ok, now that my body is buffing up, it's time to exercise my brain. I am ready for fun, positive, and energizing brain workouts.

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Mindset Summer Camp

Friends, we are warming up for our Mindset Summer Camp. Our pre-posts have already started. The official kick-off is next Wednesday. 

Summer time is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the current state of our businesses. What kinds of thoughts and feelings bubble up when we look at our calendars, bank accounts, and parties in our online Consultant Office?

  • calm or stress?
  • courage or fear?
  • optimism or pessimism?
  • abundance or scarcity?

Remember, "What we think about, we bring about!" 

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