Working from home gives me the SPACE to be creative. I can do what I want, when I want. I don't have to answer to anyone. I can innovate. I can take risks. I can be my best possible self.

The downside of working from home is that I don't have a sounding board. When I "bounce" ideas...will any those ideas bounce back to me?

Resonance, where is my resonance?

Crystalizing. Refining. Honing. Polishing.

Version 1, Version 2...............Version 30 BRILLIANT!

This is painful to admit, but too often, my feedback comes from FEAR and DOUBT.

When we invite the twins of FEAR and DOUBT to our party, guess who shows up?

That's right. Our old, familiar, and quite dastardly, nemesis, PARALYSIS.

PARALYSIS? Yeah, that guy. He's such a bummer. No fun. No "feel good" moments with him. He'll suck the oxygen right out of your room. He'll leave you gasping, obliviously, and seamlessly.

Know what? We can overcome, better yet, vanquish, our own paralysis, self-doubt, and fear by simply treasuring our own, very precious, independence!

Yes, the antidote to PARALYSIS is the TREASURE of our own freedom, our own independence, our own autonomy, and our own endless capacity for creativity.

Believe me. I've been around the block, more than a couple of times. Yup. I've answered to lots of bad bosses, back in the day.

Here is the wisdom that I learned, and earned, during those years...

Swinging and missing at my own creative idea is 1000% more satisfying than hunkering down, in resignation and resentment, to "roll out" my boss's super lame plan; which, incidentally, already famously failed five years ago, before he was even hired! I'm done with "unpacking," "take-aways," and "roll-outs." You're done with this nonsense too, right?

Boomerang back to courage: My courage. Our courage. YOUR COURAGE!

I'm my own boss. You're your own boss. Yeah, that's right:  WE are the BOSS now.

We call the shots. We make things happen. We get it right. We are killing it!

That home run?...the game winner?

Yeah! We hit it out of the park, (and that battered baseball put a dent in the roof of our old boss's car! Sorry, that was a fantasy. All the cars are fine. But, the home run is real!)

Courage. Sweet, subtle, powerful, courage. It resides within us. It is always with us.

Courage is mine, and it is yours. Yes, courage belongs to you. You were born with courage . Courage will sustain you, every day, reliably, unceasingly, throughout this journey that we are on, together! Embrace the Boss, the Boss is You!

We're a top team! Gayle

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