Survival of the... Nicest!


Hierarchy. Patriarchy.

King. CEO. General. President. Dictator.

Royalty. Corporation. Military. Government. Empire.

Commands, Hostile takeovers, Downsizing, Glass Ceilings, Revolutions

For thousands of years, our largest institutions haven't been very people friendly: wars, price-gouging, corruption, scandal, pollution, exclusion, oppression, and worse. Open any history textbook to a random page to pick your own example. Hierarchies thrive on scarcity and competition. A few entitled alpha-types sit at the top, flexing their power, while the rest of us just keep our heads down, trying to get by the best we can.

In contrast, on your very first day, as an independent consultant, you start at the very top of your own enterprise! That's right, you are the boss. What a relief! No need to curry favor with an incompetent supervisor. No need to sweat through your annual "performance review."  Better yet, there are no rivalries. You can skip the nasty "water cooler politics."  Zero drama. No conniving weasel will edge you out of your next promotion. Nobody gets thrown under a bus, EVER! 

Our team is fueled by cooperation, mutual assistance, combined effort, and shared abundance. The best training is available to everyone! We all participate in fun raffles and incentives, including Shopping Sprees and Bonus Boxes! We share FaceBook MegaParties and Booking Blitzes. We get together for local meetings, as well as, national conferences. We go on fabulous vacations too. Most of all, we celebrate our growth and success, together.

Our participation in this shared movement is straight-forward, transparent, ethical, and easy! The Consultant Agreement is laid out in plain English (Spanish and French, too!)

  • When we want great deals on products, our discount is 35%
  • When we book parties and sell products, our commission is 35%
  • We stay "engaged" with a modest $250 in sales each month.

Simple. Direct. Understandable.

When we recruit new consultants, our leadership bonuses are spelled out clearly in the Success Builder Brochure. There aren't any limits to your promotion track, like in the military. For example, how many admirals can there be in the Navy? Likewise, consider the "Corporate Ladder" model, where the only way you can move up is if your boss quits, dies, gets fired, or takes his boss's job. 

Here's how it works for us... Right now, I'm a Red Jacket Leader, which is terrific. But that doesn't mean that we can't have two more, or even twenty more, Red Jackets on our team. Our organizational flow chart doesn't have to look like a pyramid, right? My motto is..."When one of us promotes, we all promote together!"In fact, I sincerely think a red jacket would look great on you!

The beauty of all this is that we can approach our careers on our own terms. We can be hard-charging, fast-trackers. Or, we can leisurely share information and products with our friends, families, and neighbors over time. We set a pace that makes sense for us.

So, are you are ready to embrace a career grounded in cooperation and abundance?

We have room for everybody. We have room for you! Join us!

We're a top team! Gayle

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