Calendar Control!

One of the aspects of being self-employed that really appeals to me is my freedom to control my own calendar. I work when working feels good. That's when I have the most fun...and make the most money!

Sometimes, I get on a roll, and an eighty hour work week just flies by.

Other times, an 18 hour work week seems just about right.

I surge, back-off, come back like gang-busters, then go on vacation.

I've created a pace of life that seems reasonable. My calendar makes sense.

A positive side-effect of "calendar control" is that I don't get sick anymore. I can tell when my body or my brain needs a nap, an Epsom salt bath, or a hot lava stone massage. Those healing moments become part of my work week...because I schedule them!

Another positive side-effect is that I'm in a constant, and sustainable, good mood!

If what I'm describing here sounds good to you. Consider joining my team. Your calendar will become your best friend, too!

We're a top team! Gayle

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