Trade for a Bag of Gold?

If I walked up to Sonya (our national team leader) today, and offered her a bag of gold, in exchange for her entire Norwex business, what do you think she would say?

It’s a simple trade...

“Sonya, here’s a bag of gold. Take this, and in exchange, I’ll take your entire Norwex business.”

...Sound like a good trade?

Chuckle, I bet she’d say, "No!" I’m certain she would say no. You want to know why?

Because, our Norwex businesses are infinitely more valuable than a bag of gold, or silver, or diamonds, or anything else that we consider a treasure.

The truth is our Norwex businesses have an abundance factor that is almost always totally unrealized, until we change the way we think about our businesses.

You see, how we think about our business is what our business becomes. If we think, “Man, my business is a drag. It’s taking so much time out of my day. I wish I was doing something else. All my hostesses are bummers. Nobody wants to have a great party. No one wants to join my team. I'm so frustrated!" Well, that’s what we’re going to get. We're going to get a business that’s a drag, where no one wants to join, or party, or have a great time with Norwex, or learn about what microfiber could do in our homes.

You see, “What we think about, we bring about.

There is this little part of our brain, (it’s part of the primal mind) called the Reticular Activating System. And, it was super  handy back in the days of being cave men and women, right? Because, it helped us sort through all of the information that we needed to process in order to get through our day alive--without having to worry about a sabre-toothed tiger or a pterodactyl making us their next meal. (I don’t know if those animals were still alive, but…)

The Reticular Activating System scans all of the information coming to us through our senses. And it points, it draws our immediate attention to whatever is most important to us. So, if survival is most important, that’s what we’re thinking about. You see, what we think about, we bring about.

But, here’s the thing, it's the modern age, and we’re in business! And, what we think about, we bring about... in our businesses.

So, if we’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, bookings are coming to me this month. Everybody wants to join my team. My team loves Norwex. My hostesses are rocking out their parties. Norwex is a blessing in every single home it touches.” That’s what becomes our reality.

What we think about, we bring about, because our Reticular Activating System says, “Oh, wow, bookings are important to you? Enthusiastic hostesses are important to you? New team members are important to you? Helping people get their hands on some Norwex to clean their houses is important to you? ...Ok, I’m going to match that up! I’m going to make sure that YOU pay particular attention to all of the evidence I can find for those things." Because, to the Reticular Activating System, a rockin’ party, an amazing hostess, an enthusiastic team member is just as important as a crouching sabre-toothed tiger, or a swooping pterodactyl! It is what we start to see, and therefore believe.

When we see our businesses, in the same light as we see a bag of gold, with the same sparkle that we see in a bag of diamonds, we start to realize that our treasure is present. The treasure is here! The treasure is within us and all we need to do is notice it. Appreciate it.

Tell our Reticular Activating System to pay attention to it because when we see the value in what we are sharing with others, and we speak with authenticity, and we come from a place of service and gratitude, the abundance becomes infinite.

It’s no longer tied to work. It’s no longer tied to labor. It’s no longer even tied to effort.

Instead, it’s like a flower. It blooms, it grows, it becomes a garden. It becomes amazing... a place of bounty, a place of abundance in a way that a bag of gold could never be.

Because, a bag of gold is just that... it’s just this bag of rocks in your hand. Sometimes it’s worth a lot. Sometimes, it’s not worth very much at all. But, the value of it is completely out of our control.

Our businesses are even more valuable than any bag of gold that we could ever possibly hold in our hands. How ironic is it that we could use our business income to buy as many bags of gold as we wanted! Chuckle. Go ahead. Buy gold. Buy low, sell high... chuckle.

But, there is a reason why Sonya wouldn’t trade her business for a bag of gold. It’s because out of all the people in this proverbial room, she recognized the Norwex business model, and practice, and lifestyle as an infinite asset. And, that’s how she thinks about it, and therefore, that’s how she brings about it.

And, here we all are... on her team... because something that she said to someone, who said it to someone else, who said it to someone else, who said it to someone else... inspired us to say "YES!"

We are Planet Green Team. We are here to care. We are here to share. We are here to appreciate the asset that is right in our hands. It doesn’t need to sparkle. If you need some sparkle, grab a Window Cloth! Chuckle. There’s your sparkle.

Because, this business is better than any bag of gold that you will ever see!

So, tell your Reticular Activating System today, “My business has infinite value. I’m going to make it amazing!”

We're a top team! Gayle

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