Inviting Guests

How do we get people to come to our Norwex parties? 

Simple answer: We invite them!

Watch these suggestions for inviting guests to your practice and launch parties.


Use this time-tested, highly successful method to put together your guest list...

  • Friends

  • Relatives

  • Acquaintances

  • Neighbors

  • Kids' friends' parents

  • Internet connections

Click HERE to get your blank FRANKI List


Think of your practice and launch parties as pebbles that you toss into a pond.

Each pebble makes a splash that creates ripples.

Those ripples spread out, intersect, merge, bounce, and expand!


You want to create an ever expanding pool of new hostesses.

The F.R.A.N.K.I method quickly moves you out of your small, immediate circles to wider and wider circles of friends, of friends, of friends.

In two months, you'll be doing demos in front of people who are completely new to you--and that's great!


The momentum of booking new parties moves you into fresh circles of hostesses, who will love Norwex as much as you do!

That is why we ALWAYS invite guest from diverse social circles:

  • hair salon

  • church

  • soccer practice

  • neighbors

  • garden club

  • gym

  • PTA at school

  • yoga class

  • co-workers

  • Facebook friends


Our warm introductions spark new relationships between people who haven't yet met each other.

New connections are effervescent and invigorating!

That's what makes our parties so interesting, vibrant, fun, and memorable.


Do NOT say this...

"What are you doing on Saturday, the 14th?"

"Are you busy next Thursday evening?"

"I need you to come over here next weekend..."


Ouch! Where's the warmth, connection, honesty, and enthusiasm in those awkward questions?

Sketchy, evasive invitations make people instantly defensive.

Ask this way...

First, let people know about your party, then ask if they want to be invited.

“Hi Mary! I was thinking of you! We’re going-green in our house and I really want my friends to see how they can break-up with chemicals, too! My Norwex demo party is on Saturday, the 14th. I think you'll be impressed! Would you like to be invited?


The question "Would you like to be invited?" is open-ended, easy-going, and inclusive.

Everyone appreciates sincere, personal invitations.

When they say, "Yes," simply say "Great! What's the best way to connect with you?"

Phone, postcard, text, e-mail, Facebook?

Then follow through with your formal invitation using their preferred communication method.


Collect, "No's" with grace and understanding.

"Sorry, I can't make it," just means that they have a scheduling conflict at that one specific time.

It doesn't mean that they don't like Norwex.

More importantly, it doesn't mean that they don't like you!

Kindly acknowledge their RSVP, then keep them in mind for future party dates!



Please don't take "no" responses personally. Think of yourself like a waiter in a restaurant asking if dinner guests want to see the dessert menu.

Sometimes the answer is "Yes, please." 

Sometimes the answer is "No, thank you." 

But, it never means that people are annoyed by the waiter, or that they hate dessert!

See? It isn't personal. No hurt feelings, ok?


People are really busy, so reach out to them using a variety of methods...

  • phone calls

  • personal e-mails (not mass spam)

  • individual texts (not group texts)

  • direct messages

  • Facebook Event invites (under 50)

  • postcards in the mailbox

(Click HERE to see the postcard)



Experience shows that for every 40 guests we invite to a party, about 10 guests will actually have that time available on their calendars to attend.


Remember, guests who can't attend, or guests that have to cancel at the last minute, may still be really interested in placing catalog orders!


 On our team, we focus on the "Yes" guests!


Tabletop parties in the kitchen with 3 or 4 guests are intimate and personal.

You'll feel the energy while doing demos for 8 guests in the family room.

My mom, Jean, invited so many of her friends, past and current neighbors, and our extended family members that 22 people showed up for a rockin' $2,300+ party!

Just remember that no matter who shows up, Norwex parties are fun, entertaining, and meaningful to every guest, every time!

We're a top team! Gayle


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For every 40 people you invite, how many will actually attend?
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My current mindset...
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