Calendar Control

This coaching video will help you set up your party calendar for success!

Time is our most precious commodity. We only go around once in this lifetime, so it's important to make every moment count.


Your paper calendar will be your best business tool.

I prefer a large appointment book with plenty of space to write in all the information I need to set up parties with my hostesses.


You'll need to see the whole month at-a-glance.

This calendar will get a lot of rugged use, so pick one with a sturdy binding and a protective cover.


Attach a classic yellow pencil to your calendar with Velcro strips.

While booking future parties, your new hostesses will feel much less anxiety and pressure if you "pencil in" a party date for them.


Your yellow pencil symbolizes your ability to be flexible and sensitive to your hostesses's schedule.

Take along at least one Opportunity Brochure to share with people interested in joining the business. You can order these in your Back Office under Personal Supply Orders.


DO NOT try to use your cell phone's digital calendar to run your business.

Believe me, from experience, you just can't see enough information on one screen to do an adequate job of managing all your appointments.


Plus, you really don't want future hostesses to see all your private, personal appointments on your phone, do you?

Best Practice:

Run your business with your paper calendar, not with your phone's calendar.

Use your smartphone's calendar to set alarms, so you don't miss parties, team meetings, or massage appointments! ;) 

To Do List...

  1. Buy a paper calendar that shows a whole month at-a-glance

  2. Get one with a protective cover

  3. Use Velcro strips to attach a classic yellow pencil


Start off by blocking out all your appointments, family events, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, concerts, sports events, previous commitments, and scheduled obligations.

Think about the days and times when your family really needs you at home and block out those times too.


You'll never feel guilty over loved ones feeling neglected or resentful, because you have already made them your top priority.


When it makes sense to be with your family, pets, or friends feel good that you set that time aside for them, so you can be fully present and engaged, and NOT thinking about business.


While you are setting up your calendar, be sure to mark the dates of your FreshStart Goals so you can earn all the free products and bonus gifts that Norwex offers.

Receiving all these free incentive gifts will really help you invest in your business with no out-of-pocket expense.

These items make great booking gifts to encourage new hostesses to sign up for their own parties!


Sign in to your Consultant Office.

Look for FreshSTART! Success Tracker...


Open your calendar and record your dates for each of your Sales and Recruiting steps.

Also, write down the Qualified date, because that's when you earn your Starter Kit for FREE!

A little planning now will bring you loads of free products and gifts later!


When you are really free to do business, highlight the dates you are available to book parties.

This step will avoid stressful conflicts, or double-booking, when eager hostesses start booking parties with you!

TIP: At parties DON'T hand your whole calendar over to hostesses to "shop" for free dates that are convenient for her, but not for you. That defeats the purpose of calendar control. Do this instead...


Create Post It Notes that show your up-coming open booking dates.

Stick these Post It notes to the inner cover of your calendar.

Let your new hostesses pick from among those Post It Notes, then after you settle on her party date, "pencil in" that particular day on your calendar.

Don't worry if you only have four free dates, it's ok. Those are the dates when you are available to work your business!

"Don't let your calendar control you...

...You control your calendar! "

More importantly, getting control over your calendar upfront will give you the confidence do business, when it makes sense for you to do business.

All right! Nice job, friends. You know what's going on, what's coming up, with no surprises.

We're a top team! Gayle


Which is actually most "precious?"
Which is your best business tool?
Which type of calendar lets you see your whole month at-a-glance?
What "accessory" should I attach to my calendar with Velcro strips"
What is a better use for your smartphone calendar?
Which dates should you put on your paper calendar FIRST?
Check off ALL the problems you will AVOID by controlling your calendar...
I can find my FreshSTART incentive dates by...
Who controls your calendar?
My Calendar Control mindset...
My Calendar Control mindset...
1. Personal & family obligations 2. FreshSTART incentive dates 3. Dates open for doing business
I feel good that my calendar reflects my own priorities...
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BONUS: What future dates in mid-February should you "pencil in" for yourself?

PS: Here is a great example of positive mindset and calendar control: February 7 - 11, 2020 is already blocked out on my calendar. You should come with us!


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