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Here are a few tips for new Consultants that will save you A LOT of headaches down the road. Watch this clip BEFORE you make these all-too-common early blunders that can derail your newly started home-based biz.


Ok. It's time to fess up. I've made a couple of mistakes along the way due to my enthusiasm and exuberance.

I was horrified get those e-mails from the Norwex Compliance Department with ominous sounding words like, "...account being placed under review and your ordering privileges suspended." Holy cow! That sounds scary! YIKES!


The good news is that Norwex's Compliance staff is terrific about helping us fix our unintended errors and mistakes.

In my case, a couple of quick tweaks and revisions got me back on the right track. 

Now, I don't hesitate to reach out to my friends in the Compliance Department when I'm trying something new, so I can proceed with total confidence!

Here is the e-mail address...


For months, I didn't realize the proper way to identify myself on live videos, training materials, and on my website.

Say, your first and last name, followed by the phrase, "Norwex Independent Sales Consultant."

"Hi, I'm Gayle Rachford, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant."

This language establishes that we do not work for Norwex directly. We aren't Norwex employees. We share Norwex products, but we own our own businesses.

Any other wording is NOT compliant...

"I'm Gayle, your Norwex distributor." NO!

"My name is Gayle, Senior Executive Sales Leader." NO!

"I'm Ms. Rachford, Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex." NO!


See the name tag I put up in my office where I do my live videos, almost like a little cue card, so I get the wording right, every time?


My first attempt at being a "webmaster" was out of compliance with Norwex, because it looked like I was selling products directly to my customers.

My site looked too much like the corporate site; which, in hindsight, could have confused shoppers who were unfamiliar with Norwex, or with me.

To avoid such confusion, Norwex asks us to use the "fan page" blog format for our personal websites.

We can write about how we use Norwex in our homes. We can include before-and-after pictures of our cleaning projects. We can freely share our opinions about the need to help our environment. 

Take a look at my two websites to better understand this distinction...


We can't use the word "Norwex" for our e-mail addresses, or for our websites...

  • NO!

  • NO!


You shouldn't reveal your location in either your e-mail address or your website...

  • NO!

  • NO!

New consultants shouldn't feel like they "own" a particular sales territory, freezing everyone else out.

Online personal safety is also a compelling reason to not reveal where you live.


Another fine point that escaped me is that we can't offer special deals and offers to the general public. 

Neither can we sell Norwex products on eBayAmazon, or Craigslist. NO!

Norwex doesn't want consultants starting price wars in cyber space.

However, it's perfectly fine to offer our existing V.I.P. customers great deals and special offers through...

  • personal e-mails OK!

  • phone calls OK!

  • private messages or texts OK!

  • closed or secret Facebook Groups OK!


Whew! Doesn't it feel good to get all of that out of the way?

Breathe easy! You are doing it right!

We're a top team! ~Gayle


Who do I contact if I have a compliance question?
How will you properly introduce yourself?
What wording properly shows your relationship to the Norwex corporation?
I want my own website. Which is compliant?
Which is a compliant new business e-mail address?
Where can you sell Norwex product online?
How can you offer special sales above and beyond what Norwex is offering?
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My current mindset...
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