Start your new business by hosting two events:

  • a Practice Party

  • a Launch Party

Offer your guests two dates, perhaps a Thursday night, and a Saturday afternoon.

Guests who can't make it to one party, will attend the other one.

Guess what? Some of your dearest friends will come to both!


"The more, the merrier!"

Let everyone know that you'll be giving away special gifts to guests who bring along their friends to the party.


These "Bring-a-Friend-Along" prizes can be travel-sized Norwex cloths, lip balms, Spiri-sponges, or even $5 coffee gift cards!

Order these inexpensive, but fun gifts, ahead of time, so you can give them away at your kick-off parties.


Realistically, some of the people you invite won't be able to make it to either event. That's ok.

They just have previous commitments on their calendars, so it's nothing personal.


Simply say...

"Would you like to take a peek at a catalog?"

"Can we get together for coffee mid-week?"

"Could I drop off a "Try It" kit so you can see how well these products work for yourself?

"I'd be happy to come to your house on a day that's good for you! Invite a few friends, we'll make it a tabletop party!"


Your Practice Party is also the perfect time to break out the Norwex Real Solutions Cards.

These purple, blue, and green cards make parties fun, fast, and fabulous.


If you don't have the cards yet, you can get them for free when you place a Kit Builder order.

Or, you can buy them separately from the Business Supply catalog.

SKA115 - Real Solutions Cards - $19.99

View our training on the Real Solutions Cards before your event to get a feel for how to use them.


Understandably, most new consultants want to sell lots of Norwex products at their first party.

Big sales earn big commissions, right?

Surprisingly, SELLING is a secondary goal of your Practice party.


Sure. Let people order the basics at your Practice and your Launch parties, but then show them how hosting their own parties will get them hundreds of dollars more in products -  for free.


Think about it...

Do you really want to charge your mom, your sister, or your best friend full retail prices?

Your primary goal is to offer your peeps the opportunity to have parties of their own, so they can earn the amazing Host Rewards packages for FREE!

Your secondary goal is to gratefully accept orders from guest who want to purchase items and package deals right now at your first party.

Most likely, you'll hit the "sweet spot" of modest sales AND booking two or more new parties on your calendar!



Log-in to your Consultant Office.

Click on the blue tab that says "Specials & Incentives."

Then, select the Host Rewards special for the current month.


Download the flyer, then print it out, so you can pass it around to show people at your parties.

(I put mine in a sheet protector, so it doesn't get rumpled and beat up at parties.)


Take time during the party to explain Norwex's generous hosting incentives.

Show them all the products that they can get at NO-CHARGE simply by having parties of their own.


You aren't selling anything. Nothing "salesy" here.

You are graciously helping out your friends by offering them the very best deal on high quality products that you can personally vouch for.

Becoming a hostess is the best way to get loads of Norwex items for free, so you should definitely offer to do Norwex parties for all your guests.


So how do I ask my guests to book parties?

It's easy...

  • Booking Seeds

  • 3 Question Close

These videos show exactly how to do it...

Want to add new parties to your calendar? Watch these tips for using booking seeds at your parties.

Tell your guests about all the FREE products that they will earn when they host parties of their own. Put a bow on it!

Want more bookings? See these ideas for closing with 3 questions to boost sales, get bookings, and recruit new consultants!

Here is exactly how Soyna Eckel, our Planet Green Team national leader, effectively closes a Norwex party to get higher sales and bookings!


Always get three to five booking gift bags ready before your parties. 

Think fun and festive...

  • ribbons

  • tissue paper

  • bows

Display these gift bags prominently at your parties to build curiosity and excitement.


It is up to you which Norwex products you'd like to put in your gift bags.

Very often, you'll end up with duplicate Norwex items:

  • 3 Dust Mitts

  • 4 Window Cloths

  • 2 Kitchen Cloths

  • 6 EnviroSponges

Make sure to keep items necessary for your sample kit and cleaning demos, then joyfully give away the extras.


(I usually pick from among the free products that arrive in my monthly Consultant Incentive Package that Norwex sends me, so it doesn't cost anything out of my pocket to give away these fabulous booking gifts.)

Also, be sure to include...

  • business card with your contact info

  • blank F.R.A.N.K.I List

  • Catalogs

  • Order Forms

  • Host Rewards flyer

  • Invitation Postcards


Make sure you "pencil in" a party date with your new hostess BEFORE you hand her your Booking Gift bag.


Otherwise, you may end up playing phone tag and juggling dates for weeks on end. 

Meanwhile, the excitement and enthusiasm fades away, the hectic demands of daily life takes over, and you might not ever actually have her party after all.

Avoid this situation by writing down a tentative date in your calender, before giving away your generous Booking Gift Bags.


Once you start filling your calendar with new party dates, your business will blossom.

You will have plenty of sales down the road.


Your first priority at your Practice & Launch Parties is to invite your guests to become future hostesses.

Encourage people to pick up Household Packages now, and then book parties with them so they can get super deals on the rest of the items on their Wish List.

TIP: Make sure to book these new parties before your 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day FreshSTART incentive dates, so that you earn all the bonus products and shopping sprees.


Your friends and loved ones don't come to your Practice and Launch parties because of microfiber.

They come to these events because they love you and want to be there to support you from day one.


Your presentation doesn't have to be perfect. That's why it's called a "practice" party, right?

Just have fun. Let your enthusiasm shine.

The day you launch your new business only happens once. It is a special occasion that never happens again.

Savor the moment.

Enjoy the spotlight.

Let yourself be a STAR for the day!

We are a top team! Gayle


When should you start your business?
Who gets special gifts?
What should you NEVER say to a guest who can't come?
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What is your PRIMARY GOAL at your first parties?
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Where can you find this month's Host Rewards flyer?
Check off THREE methods you'll use to get new bookings...
What mindset should you have for your parties?
Check off ALL the items you'll put inside your Booking Gift bags...
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What must happen BEFORE you give away your Booking Gift bag?
As you schedule new parties, check these dates on your calendar first...
Who is the STAR of your Practice and Launch parties?
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My current mindset...
When I showcase the generous Host Rewards incentives, my friends and family will learn that they can earn lots of Norwex products for FREE when they book new parties of their own with me!
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