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We are excited to offer this training program for our new consultants! We call it "Strong Start Coaching.

This is very same the training and coaching that has helped our team earn recognition at the Norwex National Conference for both sales and recruiting

Worth My Time?

You may ask, "Hey, Gayle! Does StrongSTART Coaching really work?"

My answer is "Yes, and I have the statistics to prove it!" We started our pilot program on July of 2017. We offered 14 training sessions to over 150 consultants. Then, we tracked Subtotal A Sales for three months. Here are the 90 Day Average Sales results...

  • $61 for consultants who didn't view any training

  • $279 for those who only read up to 25% of the training

  • $505 for those who looked at nearly half of the training

  • $734 for team members who did read more than half

  • $1,652 for consultants who viewed 75% or more

  • $2,728 for team members who did ALL the training

Check out our spreadsheet analysis. Don't you think these numbers speak for themselves? Wow, the difference is night and day! 


Where does our training come from?

We methodically pulled the very best videos, downloads, podcasts, and tips from this diverse list of sources...

  • Consultant Website: Training & Resources

  • NoRA: Norwex Right Answers

  • Norwex Learning Network Podcasts

  • Norwex U

  • Planet Green Team Training

  • Belinda Ellsworth's book Direct Selling for Dummies


Example Video: Microfiber Explained

You may be thinking, “How can I understand what sets Norwex microfiber apart from “common” microfiber? This could really help me get started!” If that’s you… this quick 4-minute clip has the answers you’re looking for:

We are very mindful of your time, so we collected the best-of-the-best and put it in an easy  format, so you could view it on your smart phones or on your computers.


confidence & good feelings

We find that team members have faster success when their mindset is primed with confidence and good feelings.

Please create an account at our Positive Prime confidence building website HERE

Be sure to enter out team Referral Code:




I'm so happy that you are open to this opportunity.

Welcome to the Compassionate Concepts Norwex Team!

We are bringing mindfulness, home.

Your senior leader,

~ Gayle 


We always hear about sports coaching. But did you know that successful business people also have coaches? Focus, discipline, avoiding mistakes, best-practices, time-savers, maximizing compensation, and achieving true and lasting satisfaction are skillsets that you can learn and adopt for yourself, with a little help...from your coach! Hey Coach, put me in the game. I'm feelin' it!

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StrongSTART Coaching FAQ:

Q: How much does this training cost? 

A: Free

Q: How much training is required? 

A: Work through about 20 lessons at your own pace

Q: What if the training doesn't suit me right now? 

A: No pressure. No worries. Come back to it later, when you're ready.

Q: Will StrongSTART Coaching work for me? 

A: Yes. Our data shows a positive statistical correlation between this training and increased sales in a three month period. More training = higher sales.

Q: Gayle, is this the same training that you used, personally? 

A: Yes, absolutely. These are the very same techniques and tips that I use to successfully grow my business. In addition, I attended the National Conference in Minnesota and the Leadership Conference in Texas, and I'm totally committed to passing along all that terrific training to our whole team, too!

Q: What do I get out of this? Why should I participate?

A: Experience. Wisdom. PRIZES! We will tabulate all you correct answers to our INTERACTIVE TRAINING forms and then send you awesome gifts as you progress through your training sessions!

Q: What if I need help with StrongSTART Coaching? 

A: Send me an e-mail to or message me on Facebook to set up a coaching call on Wednesdays.  We'll get you fixed up right away!

Need Support?

You may reach out to me, Gayle Rachford, in a number of ways...

  • Call or text me at (585) 330-8460

  • My e-mail address is

  • FaceBook "Gayle Rachford"

Gayle Rachford