What's Your WHY?

My name is Gayle Rachford. I'm a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, just like you!

The Compassionate Concepts team has been sharing Norwex products and creating "safe havens" since 2014.

We are a "Red Jacket Team", which means that we have promoted to the level of Senior Executive Sales Leader.

These two simple beliefs have made us a top team...

  1. Doing business with Norwex is fun, easy, and profitable!

  2. We are better together!


Realistically, each of us have different reasons for joining this team and the Norwex Mission.

Our motivations and our goals are unique and special.

This moment is the ideal time to ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?"


Clearly understanding your "WHY" will fill you with determination and enthusiasm!

Your "WHY" will also sustain you, and lift you up, in those rare low moments when you feel frustrated or discouraged.

Most importantly, when other people hear you tell your own personal, heartfelt story, they will feel inspired and want to join our team!


Start collecting images, items, symbols, and quotations which inspire and motivate you. Make a vision board. Hang it in a visible location where you'll spend time building your business. You'll feel a surge of joyful energy as your daily business activities move you closer and closer to realizing your dreams.



Debbie Bolton is the Co-Founder of Norwex and Chief of Global Sales.

She is an amazing leader: dynamic and approachable.

She truly embodies the Norwex Mission to "improve our quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes."

Watch this 3 minute video of Debbie's story, so you fully understand the Norwex company culture.

Our Core Values are...

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Respect

If you feel good about Debbie's motivations and goals, then you can feel good about being a Norwex consultant, too!

You'll get to meet Debbie when you join us at the Norwex National Convention next year!

Both Debbie and I care about you immensely.

We want you to thrive, prosper, and thoroughly enjoy your new experience as a Norwexer!



Sonya Eckel leads our national sales team, "Planet Green Team." You have access to all her training and resources, because we are all in her downline!



Originally from South Dakota, she recently relocated to Texas. Sonya is a "Black Jacket, Red Scarf," or in other words, a Senior Vice President Sales Leader, the highest of all ranks within the Norwex compensation plan.

Sonya is a truly kind, generous, and caring human being. You'll really enjoy getting to know her when you come to the National Convention with the rest of our team!

melissa-bethany-gayle copy.jpg

Let me introduce you to our other fabulous leaders.

Melissa Lange is on the left. She is a "Red Jacket, Black Scarf," or Vice President Sales Leader of "Team H20," based in Virginia. We are on her team, too!

Bethany Mrugalski is in the middle. She heads up "Water for Life." She lives in Webster, New York. Bethany and I are both "Red Jackets," Senior Executive Sales Leaders.

That's me on the right. I live in Farmington, New York and lead the "Compassionate Concepts" team. 

Our motto is... "We're Better Together!"

And, it's really true-- We are better together, because our leaders are experienced, approachable, and eager to help.

Please join our Facebook Group: Strong Start U.


You'll get the daily support you need from our team's senior leaders.   

We are ready to share tips, stories, advice, and our collective wisdom.

Most of all, we are ready to listen to you. Tell us what's on your mind. We care about what you think.

We're a top team! ~Gayle


Our training website is interactive.

Simply type in your responses. As you participate in this training and future training sessions, you'll earn incentive prizes along the way!

For example, after you thoughtfully fill out and submit the form below, we'll send you a Norwex Lip Balm!

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Need Support?

You may reach out to me, Gayle Rachford, in a number of ways...

  • Call or text me at (585) 330-8460

  • My e-mail address is gayle@compassionateconcepts.com

  • FaceBook "Gayle Rachford"

Gayle Rachford