Demos Done Right!

Seeing is believing, right?

Guests love to see, with their own eyes, the benefits of cleaning with Norwex products.

These product demonstrations will make your parties fun and interactive!


Pick demos that feature the products bundled in the "Just Add Water" package at the back of the Norwex catalog.

Lots of guests will order the whole package when they see you demonstrate the items pictured below...


If you don't have the Mop, Envirowand, or Rubber Brush in your kit, no problem.

Feature the products in the "Safe Haven 5" package, as shown below...


Check this out: the clip below highlights the whole Safe Haven 5 package in under 10 minutes…

As you watch the videos, please remember that your demos are NOT "sales pitches."

You are helping people imagine what their homes would be like if they never again bought expensive, toxic, and polluting household cleaning products.


Your #1 goal as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant is to serve the Norwex Mission...

"Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes."


We serve this mission when our party guests consistently order these generously discounted packages.

Yes, these packages are amazing, because Norwex bundles these products to make it easier and faster for households to go chemical-free.

So, if you find yourself cringing when your friends hand you checks for hundreds of dollars...


...DON'T talk them out of their purchases!!!

Be thankful. Remember your goal.

Be grateful. Remember your purpose.

Be gracious. Remember your mission.

When your guests hand you checks for $400, or $250, or $166.49, feel good about it.


You are helping people get rid of toxins, poisons, and chemical threats to their health and wellness.

Simply say, "What a terrific order! You'll love how all these products work together to clean your home without chemicals!"

Norwex Consultants help families break up with chemicals.

That's our mission and that's why we feel good when people order the "Just Add Water" package.


Veteran Norwexers have a nickname for the "Just Add Water" package. We call it the JAW!


Cindy McGrady is a legendary Norwex sales consultant on Planet Green Team.

She is so good at demonstrating the products in the Just Add Water package that she carries two JAW boxes around in the trunk of her car at all times.

Her customers get so excited about bringing Norwex into their homes that they don't want to wait a whole week for shipping and delivery. They want to take their JAWs home right now! Cindy opens her trunk, hands them a box, and off they go, happy as could be!


Norwex Microfiber is a technological marvel, so new consultants should learn how it works.

You won't show this video at your parties, but you should watch it now, so you understand the incredible engineering behind the items in your demos.


Traditional cotton cleaning cloths merely push around particles, spreading dirt, grime and moisture into the surface crevices, leaving it moist and unclean.

Norwex Microfiber lifts and collects particles. Norwex Microfiber attracts even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and moisture, leaving the surface free from everything.

Used wet, the embedded micro-silver within Norwex microfiber clothes goes to work with self-purifying properties.

Clicking HERE opens a new window showing the EnviroCloth Product Information Sheet.


This demonstration scientifically shows the effectiveness of the Norwex EnviroCloth.

Use real science to show your guests how completely Norwex microfiber cleans up messy chicken juice with no toxic spray chemicals.

The purpose of the Chicken Demo is to show how the EnviroCloth "sweeps to clean."


Hygiena PRO-Clean Rapid Protein Residue Testers are perfect for the Chicken Demo. These swabs are the same ones used by health inspectors to spot contaminated surfaces in restaurants, on cruise ships, and in the food and beverage industry. You can buy these swabs from Gayle at cost~$1.85 each, plus $4.00 postage. Just send her an e-mail:

B.Y.O.P. = Bring Your Own Plate


You'll also want to bring your own small, smooth, white, porcelain plate.

If you pull a random plate out of a hostess's cabinet, you might grab a plate that's plastic, or even a porous, textured plate with ceramic glaze that glows in the dark on its own!

So, bring your own small, smooth, white, porcelain plate!


The Glo Germ demo shows how chemical cleaners "coat to kill."

Unfortunately, these name brand cleaning products leave behind toxic residue on surfaces in our bathroom and kitchen.

These remaining chemicals come into contact with our skin and our food causing all kinds of problems.

In contrast, Norwex microfiber, used with plain water, leaves our household surfaces clean and safe for our food, our kids, and our pets.


  • Small, white, smooth porcelain plate. (WARNING: Cheap plastic plates glow under black lights!)

  • container of anti-bacterial disposable wipes

  • GLO GERM Powder

  • Black light


Remember: the Chicken demo and the Glo Germ demo showcase distinct and completely separate properties of Norwex microfiber cloths. 

However, you can do them back-to-back at a party for an amazing effect. Here is how to do both demos, one after another...

Add the Glow Germ demo following the Chicken demo to show how Norwex microfiber cleans WITHOUT leaving a toxic chemical residue behind on your surfaces.


You have to see it to believe it. Using Norwex Products and only water you can clean BUTTER from a window!


Before a party, many hostesses go out of their way to clean, dust, vacuum, wash the floors, and scrub the tub.

Some them love to clean themselves.


Other have housekeepers or hire cleaning services.

Unless you specifically ask your hostesses to leave some dirt and grim behind for your demos, you might have to go on a scavenger hunt to find some dust!

TIP: Even if your hostess's home is immaculate, you'll still be able to find a little dust on top of door and window frames!


Demos put the FUN FACTOR into every Norwex Party! You'll find this clip on Dusting Solutions helpful for your next Norwex Party.


The Norwex Mop Pads pick up even the tiniest particles and attract dust like a magnet. They are excellent for cleaning linoleum, vinyl, laminate, wood, marble and tile flooring; ceilings; walls and even high windows, all without chemicals.


You'll find this clip on Laundry Solutions a helpful model in practicing your party demos. Keep your talk short & sweet! Focus on solutions and ways to help guest create safe-haven homes.


You'll find this clip on Kitchen Solutions helpful in learning the difference between each cloth in the kitchen area of the catalog. Pick one or two kitchen demos to do at your party, too!


Get yourself a tripod, or recruit a willing family member, to help you shoot your own cleaning demos with your smartphone.

Find some dirty, filthy mess in your house and Norwex it!

Record your "demo" on your phone using Facebook Live, or upload your video clip to YouTube.


Remember, compliance counts - so submit your video link to for approval.

TIP: always introduce yourself in business-related videos using this exact wording...

"First name, Last name, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant"


You don't need to be slick or fancy. Make your videos fast and fun.

  • Wipe off muddy dog paws.

  • Sop up a wine spill from your carpet.

  • Take crayon marks off your wall.

Viewers love energy and humor!

Be genuine, unique, and earnest!


Keep the videos that get a lot of clicks, likes, comments, and shares.

Delete the clips that don't get as much attention, and try again later.

Pretty soon, you'll have your own collection of "adventures in cleaning" videos to share online.


Norwex parties are fun because the hostess and her guests can participate.

The demonstrations are live and interactive.

You don't have to talk and talk and talk doing a lot of "selling," because everyone at the party can see for themselves how wonderfully the products work.


It's easy for your customers to imagine themselves using these products in their homes, too!

Seeing, doing, participating, interacting, sharing-- that's what makes your parties fun and memorable!

That's how our parties roll. And, that's why we're a top team!

We're better together! ~Gayle


What do our guests like MOST about our parties?
What products should our demos showcase?
What is the Norwex MISSION?
What is our top priority as "Norwex Independent Sales Consultants?"
What should you say when guests order big packages...
Learn about this technology FIRST...
True or False?
Norwex Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions.
True of False?
Norwex microfiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair.
True or False?
Used dry for dusting, it creates static electricity that lifts the smallest particles of dust and dirt up into the cloth and prevents them from resettling on surfaces.
True or False?
The embedded micro-silver in Norwex BacLock* cloths self-purifies and inhibits odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within the cloth within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again.
True or False?
Always use toxic bleach and caustic ammonia to boost the cleaning power of Norwex microfiber cloths.
Which demo shows that Norwex microfiber "sweeps to clean?"
What kind of plate should you use for the Chicken and Glo Germ demos?
Which demo shows how chemical cleaners "coat to kill?"
Where's the best spot to do the Butter Demo?
Before your party ask your hostess to leave you...
What product gets dust and debris OFF the Dusting Mitt and the Mop Pads?
Which two products replace chemical-laden store-bought dryer sheets?
Which demo shows the differences between the wide variety of sizes, colors, and weaves of Norwex cloths and towels?
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