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Hi Team! Here is the new video from Norwex that addresses Hostess Coaching: "Let's Get Ready to Party!"  VIDEO  It was released at our Conference in Minneapolis. It is so new that it is hard to find it on YouTube without this link!

Take a look. The clip is short and sweet. The tips are helpful and practical. Hostesses will appreciate your encouragement and guidance.  Just following this tried-and-true advice will make all the difference as we gear up for the fall party season.

More Hostess Coaching Training...

Here is another excellent hosting coaching VIDEO that is not a cartoon

Check out this .pdf file for Hostesses DOWNLOAD FILE

Listen to this PODCAST for even more in-depth insights

Encouraging our hostess to have a well-attended party is not pushy or "salesy." As consultants, we always have to remember that the party belongs to the hostess, not to us. Our role is to help her earn the amazingly generous Hostess Rewards gifts that Norwex is eager to send her. That's why our skill at hostess coaching makes such a difference. When our hostess earns the $750 Rewards package, she'll tell all her friends and encourage them to book parties too. She might even become interested in joining your team as a consultant, right?

So, don't think too much about your commission from one party. Keep the big picture in mind. Be kind. Be generous. Be a good coach. Share Norwex. Book parties. Grow your team! That's the secret of success! That's what Team Coordinators do. That's what Sales Leaders and Red Jackets do. That's what Sonya, our Planet Green Team leader, does too!

We are a top team! Gayle

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Gayle Rachford