Let's Talk Money


Congrats! You joined Norwex! You DO know that this is a business, right? So, we definitely need to talk-money!! Follow the tips in this clip and you'll be sure to reap the rewards of your efforts in visible ways.


Go to your bank, or credit union, and open a new checking account. 

Having a separate bank account helps you keep track of all the money you'll make as a Norwex Consultant.


Norwex automatically sends direct deposits to your new business account once you link it to your Consultant website. (Don't worry. We'll explain how to do this below.)

Many banks and credit unions offer FREE checking accounts to customers who receive direct deposits, so please keep that in mind as you decide where to open your business account.


Some customers will pay for their orders with cash and personal checks. You will deposit those payments into your business account.

Use your business checks, or your business debit card, to pay for Norwex-related expenses, postage, and office supplies.

As you'll see in our next training segment, most of these business expenses are tax deductible!

Your accountant or tax-preparer will really appreciate the simplicity of seeing all your income and expenses reported in one place.

On a personal level, you'll feel the link between effort and reward like never before.

Hey, that's your money in that account. You earned it!


Having a separate bank account helps you prevent co-mingling your business income with your day-to-day family cash flow, which can end up being a source of confusion and frustration.

Watch this 53 second video clip. Imagine that each club is a financial transaction passing in and out of a shared family checking account. Wouldn't it be impossible to tell what was going on with this couple's finances after a whole year of juggling?

Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of “juggling” your family and business finances together. Keep your business transactions separate, otherwise you won’t be able to see what’s happening with your money.

This couple is great together. Individually, they are both incredibly talented. Their collaboration works so well, because each partner keeps track of what's in their own hands. And, they TRUST each other completely. In the same way, your one trip to the bank leads to harmony, teamwork, understanding, and cooperation!

Thank you Olga and Vova Galchenko for illustrating this point!


Getting paid is easy!

Norwex will direct deposit your commission, based on your customers' credit card orders.


Norwex NEVER sends paper commission checks through the mail.

All payments are electronic transfers.

That's why you must link your checking account to your Consultant website.

Follow these simple instructions...

Log on to your Norwex Consultant Office

 My Business  >  My Profile  >  Financial


In the Financial Section, enter your bank's routing number and your checking account number.

Watch this video clip to see how it is done...

Learn how to add and update your banking and credit card information in the Consultant Office.

Keep these guidelines in mind...

  • Consultants must have verified bank accounts.

  • It may take up to two weeks to verify bank information, but it's usually faster than that.

  • Commissions earned between the 1st - 15th are sent to you around the 22nd of each month.

  • Commissions earned between the 16th - 1st are sent to you around 10th of the month.

  • Anything under $10 won't be paid out until the commissions earned is higher.


Most of the time, your commissions are easy to figure out.

NOTE: Norwex ONLY accepts MasterCard and Visa, NOT American Express or Discover.

NOTE: Norwex ONLY accepts MasterCard and Visa, NOT American Express or Discover.

Customers place credit card orders, which you enter on your Consultant Website.

Norwex automatically calculates your commission and deposits it into your bank account twice a month.

That is straight-forward and easy to understand.


However, when guests pay you with cash and checks, you have to figure out your commission in a different way.


You can't mail an envelope filled with your customers' checks and cash to Norwex, because the company only accepts MasterCard and Visa credit card charges.

Customers should NOT write personal checks payable to "Norwex," because Norwex doesn't accept personal checks.

Likewise, your bank won't deposit checks made out to Norwex in your business account.

Therefore, your name should go on the line that says Pay to the Order of...YOUR NAME.

It's fine if your customers want to write "Norwex" on the memo line underneath.

Every personal check should be made out to you, so it's easy to deposit that money in your business account!


Now it's time to submit your customer's order on your Consultant website.

You will use your own Visa or MasterCard business debit card to pay the "Amount Due Norwex."

You aren't spending your own money, you are spending your customer's money that you already deposited.

The amount you charge to your business debit card is less than the amount that your customers paid you with cash and checks, so you are always going to come out ahead!

Think about it this way...

When your customers pay you directly with cash and checks, you are earning your commission right-on-the-spot.

Norwex doesn't pay commissions on cash and check orders, since you already deposited your own 35% commission up-front.

Yes, your commission money is right there in your account!

You don't need to be a Math Wizard to understand how the commissions from cash and check orders show up in your checking account. You put them there, yourself!

You don't need to be a Math Wizard to understand how the commissions from cash and check orders show up in your checking account. You put them there, yourself!


Managing money is not a chore, it's a blessing.

Financial abundance is happening now!

Accept this abundance. You earned it ethically.

Your efforts are good for both humanity and planet Earth.


Becoming wealthy is actually pretty simple... deposit more money than you withdraw!

This might not seem like a big deal as you are first starting out, but believe me, your business WILL GROW and some big dollars will come flowing into your life.

We are a top team! Gayle


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