Find Your Tribe

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

Journalist Jane Howard penned this memorable line back in 1978, as she wrote her book, "Families."


Ms. Howard is right, of course. However, the up-side of belonging to a cohesive social group certainly pre-dates 1978.

More than 60,000 years ago, ancient primal people understood that close family, clan, and tribal relationships offered...

  • stability
  • comfort
  • affection
  • protection
  • entertainment
  • empowerment

Fast-forward to 2018.

There are pockets of people around the world who never "lost" their tribe. Their history and cultural heritage remains intact.

Case in point, Norwexers who ventured to Panama on the February 2018 incentive trip had the opportunity to travel by river in dugout canoes to visit members of the Emberá tribe.


It was an eye-opening and heart-warming experience to meet and interact with a few of the thousands of Emberá families who inhabit villages dispersed along the waterways that wind through the Darién region of Central America. Their river-based economy depends on fishing, gathering forest resources, farming plantains, and now tourism and handicraft sales. 


Culturally, they retain a tight-knit, egalitarian social structure and share property under a collective land title, with no formal leaders. With very few printed books in their native language, Emberá elders use the oral tradition of telling stories and legends to pass down history, shamanic knowledge, rites of passage, and directions for organizing annual ceremonies. Their humor and gracious hospitality was both remarkable and memorable.

Tribes are NOT extinct. 

Even in the digital age, tribes exist and function exceptionally well, not only along the lush rivers of Panama's remote interior, but all around the world.

We are reminded that it is the quintessential human experience to...

  • cooperate
  • pass along knowlege
  • share resources
  • work together
  • laugh together
  • enjoy harmony and happiness!

Meet Our Tribe!

Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you are already in our tribe.


Instead of sharing hereditary DNA, like our primal ancestors or modern Emberá families, we share a common ethos. We have similar mind-sets and world-views.

What does our tribe care about?

  • promoting healthy lifestyles
  • protecting our environment
  • practicing compassion
  • generating income, ethically
  • becoming our best possible selves
  • sincerely caring for each other

We fervently believe in our mission. We share a set of simple core values.



Our vision of the future is compatible, but certainly not homogenized. Members of our tribe don't do the same thing, in the same way, at the same time. Not at all.

Individuals in our clan are yoga instructors, Reiki healers, fitness trainers, life coaches, organic chefs, community education teachers, charity founders, as well as direct sellers of everything from essential oils, to cookware, to specialty tea, to microfiber!

    So, We've Found Our Tribe, What's Next?

    Sustainable Symbiosis (Don't worry. It's simpler than it sounds!)

    I suggest that we deliberately nurture, support, and promote each other's' interests and efforts. The scientific term for this is symbiosis: forging mutually beneficial relationships.

    Since our circle of friends offers a such a wide variety of healthful services and products, we all benefit from becoming each other's best customers, and each other's biggest fans.


    Our individual reputations, and our "reach" on social media platforms organically grows as we interact through genuine posts, pins, comments, reactions, links, re-tweets, and shares.


    We'll gain more fans and followers. We'll show up higher in search results. We'll attract new like-minded and enthusiastic people.

    Our whole tribe benefits when we showcase the amazing talents and gifts of our "cousins." Our symbiotic relationships on social media, and in-person, help our tribe become more visible and more vibrant.

    It's a cooperative, rather than a competitive model. We are better together!

    Bring something special to the table!

    Let's go beyond simply reacting to what our tribe already offers. Instead, each of us should add something new and original to our tribal banquet.


    In other words, bring something savory to the feast!

    • Go Live on Facebook
    • Write a heartfelt blog entry
    • Post pics on Instagram
    • Pin something unique to Pinterest
    • Tweet an original thought
    • Upload your new video to YouTube

    In short, let's all strive to contribute to our online community.

    Meet My Friend Meg

    To that end, I'd like to tell you about a great moment I shared this week with Meg Burton Tudman. Meg is a certified health coach, Reiki Master and yoga teacher.

    Check out her article published in the April 2018 edition of Rochester Woman Online. Flip to page 128. Source:


    She is also a mind-set trainer, blogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and all-around amazing person.

    I encourage you to connect with her…

    Meg Burton Tudman | LinkedIn

    Meg recently interviewed me about my business, my experiences, and my outlook on life.

    Likewise, in the coming weeks, months, and years, Meg will interview lots of other fellow tribe members.


    Meg is adding value. She is a contributor. She is stoking our communal fire, which we all dance around. My interview is just one piece of firewood that helps our blaze burn brighter and longer, offering warmth and illumination to everyone.

    How would you answer Meg's questions?

    Before you take a look at our interview, please consider the probing questions that we touched upon during our enjoyable exchange. How would you answer these questions? What do you think about these topics?

    What are you known for?

    Describe a daily practice, habit, or routine that empowers you.

    What three words best describe your "core values?"

    Working through these introspective queries is a worthwhile mental exercise. Give it a try. You are sure to discover something new about yourself!

    Answering Meg's thought-provoking questions helped me articulate my true thoughts about subjects that really matter to me, to my family, to my customers, and to our tribe.

    Putting It Out There

    Posting our interview to YouTube is similar to a cave painting.

    It's a permanent record of what we were thinking about in a certain moment in time. In ten years, or in ten thousand years, our bold, courageous efforts may appear primitive or child-like, but that's ok. Today, we felt brilliant and ready to share our life-lessons with posterity.


    Just like Neanderthal cave artists, we have no control over who will see our interview, or whether we'll get "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" votes. Our exchange is a tribute to our humble efforts to be our best possible selves.

    And, most importantly, our collaboration is an act of altruism, an earnest contribution to our community.

    Realistically, I doubt that anyone is going to watch our interview, then rush to my Norwex website to order an EnviroCloth. Although, it would be great if someone did!


    More likely, I predict that dozens, or maybe hundreds, of our fellow tribe members might be inspired or energized by our conversation about authenticity, core values, confidence, and feeling good in our own skins. After all, aren't those are the very qualities that are essential to successful entrepreneurs and change-makers?

    Final Thoughts

    I invite you to dance around our fire. Join our collective voice. Tap into the energy of our tribal synergy, and then toss your own log into the flames!

    We are better together! ~Gayle

    P.S. The metaphor of finding our tribe is a powerful one. Thank you, Jane Howard for coining that term. I hope you earned a nickel for every time someone has quoted your words!

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    Gayle Rachford