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Wow! We are amazed at how many fellow Norwexers are eager to try out Auction Parties. Hundreds of consultants have viewed our video and read our How-to Blog.

For the rest of 2019, we are printing Party Auction Dollars for our team, and our fellow Norwexers, in the spirit of sharing our success with others.

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Q: What are Auction Dollars?

A: Play money with a Norwex theme.


Q: Are these Auction Dollars “compliant” as far as Norwex concerned?

A: Yes, absolutely. We submitted our prototype to the Norwex US Compliance office and received an official approval e-mail.


Q: What’s the purpose of Auction Dollars?

A: Fun. Novelty. Something new for repeat guests to enjoy.


Q: How are Auction Dollars different from using traditional raffle tickets?

A: Holding auctions leads to more participation because guests bid on the prizes that they really want. Traditional raffle tickets are fine, but random chance determines which guest gets which prize. For example, you don’t want someone who doesn’t own a dog wining a Pet Mitt. That’s a bummer. But, you do want a guest who just bought a new car winning a Car Cloth! “Winning!” See the difference?


Q: Why can’t I just use Monopoly money from our old board game?

A: You can! That’s totally fine. Our Auction Bucks are printed on Premium 25% Cotton paper, so they feel like actual currency, and they are less likely to rumple or tear during ruckus auctions. We make the bucks using a color-laser printer, so the ink doesn’t smear or rub off on guests’ hands. Plus, we included some fun Norwex-themed images such as Debbie Bolton’s portrait on the front of the bill, and the Norwex Headquarters on the back.

Q: Why do the Auction Dollars make it easier to sell, book, and recruit at parties?

A: We’re not psychologists, but we hypothesize that when guests hold and spend these authentic-looking dollars, while thinking about Norwex products, parties, and joining, perhaps there is some subliminal association going on between Norwex and the feeling financial abundance. We don’t know for sure, but that psychological factor might explain why our party sales, booking, and recruiting have improved so dramatically since we introduced the auction game at our parties.


Q: Can you just send me the file, so I can print my own Auction Dollars?

A: Sorry. No. There are two reasons why we can’t send you the file. First, two-sided printing is very unpredictable depending on the computer, printer, or copier that you use. The hardware, operating system, printer drivers, and software that you use to print the dollars shifts the reverse image by as much as 1/4 inch, up down, or side-to-side. So, when you cut the dollars, one side or the other gets sliced off. We can’t provide people tech support to fix this persistent problem. Second, these bucks suck up a ton of printer ink. We don’t want you burning through expensive toner cartridges, or breaking your printer, trying to print 63 double-sided image- intensive sheets. Thanks for your understanding.


Q: How much do Auction Dollars cost?

A: $30, which covers the cost of the cotton paper, laser printer toner, packaging, sales tax, and Priority US Mail shipping. Print shops charge eighty-dollars-per-hour, but since we make these at home, we donate our labor for free. In fact, we break even on this project, instead of making a profit.

In contrast, Staples charges $.53 per color page, so just the printing is $66.78. The premium cotton paper is $13.99 for a 250 sheet ream, which you have to purchase separately. Then, there are seven cuts at $3 each, which adds $21 to the cost. Ouch, that’s expensive!

Q: What’s the point of offering Auction Dollars as a not-for-profit venture?

A: Our primary goal is to help our own team have rockin’ parties, which is good for our bottom-line. But beyond that, we are happy to share Auction Dollars with our fellow Norwexers, because we believe in supporting the mission of radically reducing the use of chemicals in every household. We want to make a positive contribution to this noble cause that we all share.


Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: We prefer that you mail us a paper check, payable to “Gayle Rachford.” If you don’t have paper checks, simply request a PayPal Invoice when you fill out your order form. (Please check your SPAM folder if your invoice isn’t delivered to your in-box in 48 hours.)


Q: How soon can I get my new Auction Dollars?

A: We’ll make a proof-set of your bills right away, then ask you to verify all your contact info either through Facebook Messenger, text, or e-mail. After we verify the accurate of your information with you, your order goes into the first-come, first-served stack. So far, we’ve been able to keep up with demand, so right now we’re in the 10 day range for delivery, after we receive your check.


Q: How do I learn how to throw an Auction Party?

A: Please visit our blog entry titled, “Auction Party How-to” on our website, www.compassionateconcepts.com We include a video and step-by-step instructions.

For Planet Green Team Facebook Support Group members, search for Gayle Rachford’s “Friday Jacket Training” video posted on September 28th at 1:20 pm.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Since our production costs are up-front, all sales are final. If there is a typo or mistake in your contact information, we’ll send you stickers with the corrected info that nicely fits on the back of your bills free of charge. Other than that though, we can’t offer refunds.

Q: What if I get the Auction Dollars, but decide against running auction parties?

A: These bills make awesome business cards! All your contact information is on the back. People love tucking a “hundie” in their purses or wallets. Later, when they need to remember who sells Norwex, they’ll think of you first!

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