Auction Party How-to

Auction parties are fun and fresh. Here's how to do it...

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Need Auction Dollars?

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Need a Script?

Ok. Let's walk through an auction party from start to finish. This is what we do and say to engage our guests, book new hostesses, and recruit new team members.

Before the Party…

First, let your hostess know that you would like to play the auction game at her party.

Second, if you are filling out party invitations for your hostess, add a line that says, "We're having a Norwex Auction! Bring a friend and get a $100 BONUS BUCK to play with!"


Arrive Early…

On the day of the party, show up early. Give your hostess a small stack of auction dollars. Ask her to give one bill to each of her guests as they arrive. Guests who bring friends get extra. Her friend gets a bill, too.

Meanwhile, on a central location, such as a coffee table, in middle of the room where you'll do your presentation, set up three displays…

  1. Opportunity Brochures with seven auction bills.

  2. Three booking bags with your hostess gift, hostess info, and four auction bills.

  3. Order forms with one auction bill paper-clipped to each form.


When you have guests' attention…

When the party is rolling, be sure to tell all the guests that "There are three ways to interact with Norwex"…

1. Become a consultant. Do what I do. Join the mission! It's the best way to get lots of free Norwex products right away, earn additional household income, and get a 35% discount on all your own orders. New consultants, who do the Fresh START program, earn about $700 in commissions in their first 90 days, and even get $500 in bonus Norwex products for free.

2. The second way to interact with Norwex is to host a party. Sharing with friends and blessing homes of the people you know and love. Plus, the Norwex Host Rewards products are amazing. Our Host Rewards packages include over $400 worth of product for you! (Either now, or during your close, call for a volunteer, then "Stack the Hostess" by handing her all the examples you have from the current month's Host Rewards flyer. Do this smoothly and quickly! Don't forget to give your volunteer two extra auction dollars - and say that Hosts also earn SHOPPING SPREE dollars as a part of their gift package.)

3. The third way to interact with Norwex is to experience Norwex in your own home by making a purchase. The catalog packages are terrific and will impact your household right away! These order forms come with a $100 auction buck because when your order hits $100, you'll qualify for one of my Consultant Specials, too! (Have your $100 bonus deals prepped for the close of your party. Encourage guests to pick up order forms, or even hand them out to all the guests.)

Practice Auction…

Many people have never been to an auction, so you'll want to do a practice round at the beginning of the party. Pick a small item, like a SpiriSponge, Spirinett, or small Silicone Cup Lid. Tell guests that this is a practice, so everyone can get a feel for the game - assure guests that the winner of the practice auction gets to keep the item AND that their auction dollars are only good at the party - so don't sit this one out. Describe the item and say WHY it's great, ask guests to count the auction bucks that they already have in their hands, then start the bidding at $100. "Do I hear $100, $100, $100? Any bids for two-hundred? I hear "$200!" Any bids for $300? Ok, $200 going once, $200 going twice, SOLD for $200!"


Say…"Okay everybody! That was fun and easy!"

"We can unlock more auctions for full-size Norwex products by...

  1. Picking up a Q&A booklet to see what a Norwex consultant actually does

  2. Taking a booking bag for your own party date

  3. Grabbing an order form"

Keep things moving!


Instead of raffle tickets, hand out Auction Dollars...

Carry on with your party and hand guests auction bucks as they participate, ask questions, and certainly help you with demos. The more fun you are having, the more fun they will have, too! It really helps to ask an enthusiastic guest to be the "banker" and hand out money for you as other guests participate. This is a good recruiting tool, as well.

I start the presentation segment of every party with the purple Solutions Cards. A "Did you know…?" fact is on each one and establishes the importance of Norwex in our homes. No matter what your party intro activity is, incorporate the passing of auction bucks so that guests feel like that auction is coming their way and they can have enough to bid by the end of the event.

Use Solutions Cards along with Auction Dollars...

By the end of the party, everyone is going to have A LOT of money - depending on how much they participated. I demo the items in the Just Add Water Package and keep those demos short and tight! I find that closing the party with the green Solutions Cards really helps recruiting, as well. When you use the Solutions Cards - trade people an auction buck for their card, after they read it. Please see my trainings on the Solutions Cards in the PGT Facebook Support Group page. Use the "search" feature to find them under "Gayle Rachford Solutions Cards".


"Unlock" an Auction...RECRUIT

Now, it's time to "unlock" the auctions!! Remind guests that if they liked what they saw during the demos, there are THREE ways that they can interact with Norwex… they can join the mission and earn an income like you! "Wouldn't everyone appreciate an extra flow of income into their households? Anyone who is even a little curious about this… grab this Q&A booklet - get $700 for our game and UNLOCK an Auction for ______!!" (Hold the Opportunity Brochure in your hand and be excited!)

Use the back page of the Norwex catalog to help you with your quick and easy recruiting talk. Use the PGT "Best Deal" flyer, and watch Kris Carlson's 3-minute recruiting talk on Norwex's Facebook Page under "videos" from March 10, 2018 called "Sharing the Norwex Opportunity". It'll change your recruiting game, forever! Consider "stacking a consultant" with the Starter Kit pieces - choose a fun guest from the party. WOW! What an impression that makes!


A sure-fire way to guarantee that an auction gets “unlocked” is to talk to your hostess before her guests arrive. Encourage her to pick up an Opportunity Brochure, if her guests seem reluctant to do so. Of course, she isn’t obligated to join, but wouldn’t it be great if she did! Her willingness to consider becoming a consultant is a positive signal to everyone in the room. Her will participation gets the momentum going. The feel of seven hundred dollar bills in her hand is exhilarating and her excited energy transfers to the whole crowd like lightening. So, even if the party is small, or if the guests are shy and reserved, pre-arranging with your hostess to pick up an Opportunity Brochure and unlocking an auction is a winning strategy!


"Unlock" another Auction...HOST

Move on quickly to the Hosting opportunity… Let guests know that the second way to "unlock" an auction is to book a party. Hold up a booking bag and remind guests that they can share these demos with their friends and also receive up to $400 in gifts from Norwex, plus additional shopping credit for their wish list items! I find that including a Travel Enviro in each booking bag helps new hostesses get a feel for our microfiber right away. Again, let the catalog be your guide and ask guests to turn the page - this is where I either include the current month's host reward flyer or pass a flyer around, so everyone can see what gifts are in store for them! If you didn't "stack the hostess" at the beginning of the party - now's your chance! If you don’t have all the pieces for the month's host rewards, don't worry - use what you've got on hand.


"Unlock" an additional Auction...ORDER

Okay, last piece… announce to the guests that they can unlock another auction by experiencing Norwex in their own homes. They'll want to pick up, or you can pass out, order forms now. Remind guests that ordering a package is a great way to get started. Again, use your catalog and have guests turn to the pages that feature the packages. Let everyone know that if they loved everything that they saw tonight, they can transform their homes with the Just Add Water package. If they want to add a bit of Norwex into each room of their homes - the Safe Haven is a great way to go, too! Share your Consultant Specials or consider using the PGT Personal Specials Flyer. It's a terrific tool to help people really get into the Norwex experience. I find that offering Norwex Laundry Detergent at "my discount" when someone's order comes to $100 or more is a great way to help people who aren't ordering a package, experience the detergent for themselves. (Use the "search" feature in the PGT Facebook Support Group to connect with these flyers.)


Start the Bidding...

Kick off the auctions AS SOON as one guest takes action. When someone asks for that first order form - shout - "AN AUCTION IS UNLOCKED!!" I auction off the Norwex Body Cloth as the first auction item. This allows me talk about the Body Cloth without having to demo it - wet. This auction should happen at every single party. If you're at a party where no one is ordering - please connect with your upline leader for assistance.

Kick off the second auction as soon as someone asks for or picks up a Booking Bag. SHOUT - "A SECOND AUCTION IS UNLOCKED!!" I find that having the Kitchen Cloth as the second auction item is terrific because it is included in the Safe Haven Package and - again - allows us talk about what a terrific "crumb catcher" it is without having to take time to demo it.

Kick off the third auction as soon as someone asks for or picks up the Opportunity Brochure. SHOUT - "OUR THIRD AUCTION IS HAPPENING!!" The classic blue EnviroCloth is ideal for this auction. People want it and will PAY for it with their auction dollars. The Enviro is Norwex's flagship product - treat it with reverence.

Focus on Fun...

Allow people to have their own fun. Please don't scold, prevent, or interrupt guests who are pooling money, sharing resources, or having a blast with the game. It's supposed to be F-U-N! You know what's not fun? (A consultant lecturing people about "cheating".) Let people play and keep your recruiting and booking eyes open. Party check-out is still coming up and you've got a room full of people who may want to repeat the evening with their own friends but may have been too timid to take one of the props during the party. Remember to ask everyone at check out if they've ever considered doing what we do… sharing with friends… or adding another item from their wish list to bring their total up to $100 to qualify for your Consultant Specials.


No Auction? No worries!

You may be thinking, "Gayle, what if no one takes a booking bag or Opportunity Brochure?"
Well, carry on!

I always bring a few giveaways to each party. Keep your game-face on and say, "No more auctions?? Well, who's ready for a GIVE-AWAY?!?!" Then pass around samples of the Norwex Laundry Detergent and bring the gratitude back into the room. I also play a Door Prize game where I give away a Norwex Lip Balm. This helps me talk about Norwex's personal care and skin care items, without a big demo. I use Door Prize Cards, which are posted on the PGT Facebook Support Group page. Use the "search" feature to find them there. These cards help me identify who is interested in booking and joining, without them needing to take a booking bag or Opportunity Brochure in front of their friends. Some people get shy and worry that they may be teased. Don't sweat it. That's what your check-out-talk is for.


It's your Party...

The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is that you can have your OWN party and still use the auction bucks. Make them fit your style and goals. The bucks replace party raffle tickets - so, any way that you used to use tickets, give the auction bucks a GO!

Let us know what's successful for you and if you have any tips to make the game better. We are sharing this game because PGT is such a generous team, and has added ample abundance into our lives.

We're here to support each other and further the Norwex Mission of radically reducing chemicals in people's homes.

HAVE FUN, Friends!

Here's to you and your business, ~ Gayle

Gayle Rachford