My New Best Friend!

My home parties are easy and fun. Guests participate, laugh, tell stories, and feel great about their purchases. New consultants are lining up to join our team. Why? Well, it is because I have started using Norwex's Real Solutions Cards.


Using these cards at my parties has breathed new life into my home demonstrations. My confidence as a consultant is at an all-time high. Guests are more eager to participate. My demos are more interactive and highly relevant to my customers' actual needs. The pace of my events is brisk, but not rushed. I have retired my hefty party info folders, thus avoiding expensive printing costs. And, since there are 98 cards in the deck, I pick cards that focus on specific themes, so even if guests have attended previous attended my events, my party is fresh, different, and unique. Better than all that, I have been able to sharpen up my recruiting skills. More people are joining our team than ever!

Here is a quick description of how use these cards to hold $1,000 parties, and how to recruit new consultants like a champ!

Step One: Sort and Select PURPLE CARDS


Before the party, I sort out the cards by color, starting with the purple "Did You Know?" cards. I choose the cards that match up with the products that I am going to demo during the party. So, for example, if the theme of the party is personal care products, I'm going to select the cards that inform guests about the Chemicals of Concern in soaps, lotions, and potions. Or, if I'm having an Earth Day-themed party, I'll select the cards that highlight problems of pollution and plastic waste. Always be sure to pre-select the cards that build curiosity and enthusiasm for the products in your kit that you will showcase during the party.

I take enough of these purple cards, so that I can give each guest one card when I meet them at the party. For small, intimate parties, I'll give each guest two cards.

When all the guests have arrived, been warmly greeted, and given purple cards, I start the party by briefly introducing myself. Then I offer a raffle ticket for a prize, when they say their name and read their "Did You Know?" card out loud to the group. I give extra raffle tickets to guests who ham it up and really read their cards with dramatic enthusiasm!

Pause for a moment to give guests a chance to react, exclaim, or chime in with a relevant anecdote. Then follow up with the two, or three, line statement that you've rehearsed from your smartphone app or your downloaded answer key. Your follow-up gives guests a preview of how your products will help solve the issues brought up on the cards. Collect the purple cards as you go. Keep it brief. Keep it moving.

At the end of these introductions, ask your hostess to draw a raffle ticket, so you can give away your first prize!



  • The purple cards make tremendous "ice-breakers." 
  • Everyone gets introduced.
  • You are not the lone "Sage on the Stage."
  • The expectation of participation is established early in the party.
  • Everyone gets a chance to "be an expert" for a few moments, without awkwardly putting anyone on the spot.
  • And, our pre-selected cards build momentum for the demos that are coming up next in the party!

Step Two: Sort and Select BLUE CARDS:


In preparation for my party, I also pre-sort the blue cards which feature specific products in the catalog. All the cards that I pick are pertinent to the demos that I'm ready to do at the party.  For example, if I'm going to feature the Dusting Mitt and the Envirowand, I make sure that the corresponding Solution Cards are in my deck. If I'm going to scrub a soap-caked shower door, I make sure that the cards I select point to the benefits of Descaler, Blue Diamond, and the Bathroom Scrub Mitt. So take the time to pre-select the appropriate cards that highlight the products that you will demonstrate at the party.

Instead of handing out the blue product cards to the guests individually, spread that blue cards out on a table or counter, perhaps in your hostess's kitchen, where guests will congregate for snacks and drinks. Invite everyone to pick up a card or two that depicts a cleaning challenge that they face in their own homes. It is entertaining to hear guests exclaim and squawk about their messy pets, filthy entryway tile, and neglected ovens that haven't been cleaned since Thanksgiving!

Like before, ask for volunteers to read their cards out loud to the group, in return for a raffle ticket for the next free prize. Since you have pre-selected the blue cards, this is perfect moment to start the demo that is inspired by that particular card. Hand the guest a new product as you show how it works, so she can feel, touch it, and experience it. Keep your demos quick and crisp. Answer questions, then invite another guest to read her blue card. Hand her a raffle ticket and go onto the next demo.


When you feel satisfied that you have showcased your featured products, ask the previous prize winner to select the next lucky guest's raffle ticket.


  • Letting guests choose their own cards, and inviting them to voluntarily read them out loud, prevents your presentations from seeming "canned" or "scripted."
  • The extroverted, eager guests will volunteer first. Their natural enthusiasm is contagious, giving the party an energy boost.
  • Guests feel as though the party is customized just for them.
  • Party-goers actively participate, talk, and be the center of attention, which is what they will remember about the party.
  • Since you already pre-selected the cards, you come across as flexible, prepared, and resourceful, no matter which cards come up.
  • Your active and entertaining demonstrations allow the products to sell themselves, sparing you from the "salesy" sounding pitches that many guests dread hearing at other typical home parties.

Step Three: Sort and Select GREEN CARDS:


Think green = money. The green "Ask Me About My Job" cards help you recruit new members. At the end of the party, I raffle off a new coffee cup, with a pre-paid coffee card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, along with recruiting information, and a free product, such as lip balm, MVP pack, or EnviroSponge. Anyone who wants to play, gets a green Solutions Card and a little white Door Prize card, which serves as their raffle ticket. Each guest simply reads the question on the green card, which I answer according to my experience as a consultant. Remember, we can find sample answers on the smartphone app or on the .pdf answer key sheet.

While the Q & A is going on, guests fill out the little white Door Prize card, on which they indicate their interest in booking a new party, or joining the business. Don't be long-winded. Keep your responses to the green card questions short and sweet. Sometimes, I even set my phone timer for two minutes, so this section of the party keeps up with the brisk, lively pace that I have established for the whole party. When the time goes off, I collect the cards. My hostess, or the previous winner, picks from the shuffled deck of small white Door Prize cards to select the next prize winner.



  • Doing the green cards at the end of the party prevents me from accidentally skipping the vital recruiting piece of the party process.
  • When guests are excited and ready to place their orders, it's easy to forget to offer them the business opportunity. If you neglect to ask them to join our team, we are missing out on all the benefits of growing our organization and promoting into leadership positions.
  • We never know who is ready to start their own businesses. You can't tell by people's ages, appearance, or how they present themselves. The only real way to determine their readiness is to ask them directly, in an easy-going, non-invasive way: "Have you ever considered doing what I do?"
  • If they like the answers you gave to the green question cards, they'll feel good about saying YES, when you ask them to join the Norwex Mission!

"Hey Team! I'm loving these new party cards!"

"Hey Team! I'm loving these new party cards!"


I ordered a bunch of these card sets, which I take along to parties. When I offer the business to my hostesses and interested guests, part of my pitch is a FREE set of Real Solutions Cards, along with a set of testers for the chicken demo, a sample pack of microfiber cloths, and the Business Opportunity Brochure and FreshSTART flyer.

This reassures new consultants that they could hold their own parties right away, without worrying that they don't know enough about the products to join our team. Eager recruits download the app to their smartphones and BINGO, they are ready to start partying using our party card format.

Trust me, these Real Solution Cards help you talk less, prompting your guests to talk more, which boosts their involvement, enthusiasm, and willingness to book parties of their own.

We're a Top Team! ~Gayle


Q: I already have a set of party cards from a couple of years ago. Why do I need new cards?

A: The former party cards offered a script that guided new consultants through a successful sample party. The old-style cards are still available in the Business Supplies Catalog for $2.99 and are helpful to brand new consultants, who have no previous direct-selling experience, and don't know what to say in front of guests. If you have moved beyond that point yourself, the new Real Solutions Cards are a better fit for your current skill-set.

Q: How do I buy these Real Solutions Cards?

A: Order from the Business Supply Catalog. They are item #18. The SKU is SKA115. The price is $19.95.

Q: How do I learn what to say about each card?

A: Simply download the Norwex Real Solutions Cards App on your smartphone. It is free! 


Don't worry! If you don't use a smartphone, simply log into your Consultant Website. Click on Ask Nora. Type in a search for "Solutions." Look through the search results for the "REAL SOLUTIONS CARDS ANSWER KEY." Click on the link to download the .pdf file for viewing or printing.

Q: How do I get the training on how to use the new cards?

A: Watch the video below, then view the whole playlist of training videos on Youtube!

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Gayle Rachford