We Took the Tour!

One of the highlights of attending this year's Leadership Conference was getting a preview of the brand new Norwex Research and Manufacturing Institute.


This cutting-edge, 440,000 square foot facility is located a little over a mile north of the Norwex US Home office in Coppell, Texas. The Institute has many functions: scientific research, storage of raw materials and new inventory, as well as manufacturing, product testing, and quality control. The campus will also accommodate meetings with leaders, scientists, product engineers, and technicians.


It is so exciting that new personal care and household products will be Made In America! The new construction is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, which officially designates the building as "green." The Institute will enable Norwex to maintain complete control over the integrity of ingredients that go into the products that we offer to our families, friends, and clients.

Norwex is investing in the company's original mission of radically reducing chemical use in our homes.

Norwex is excited to announce the building of the Norwex Research and Manufacturing Institute launching mid-2018. This facility will produce Norwex Home Essentials and Personal Care products.

If you sign up for the National Conference in July, you'll be able to tour this amazing Research and Manufacturing Institute for yourself!

We're a top team! Gayle

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