Retreat Ready?

Norwex is different from other companies, because we can rub elbows and chat personally with top executives, board members, as well as our Black Jacket and Red Scarf sales leaders.

Easy access to top leaders doesn't exist in other businesses, but it is deeply ingrained in the Norwex culture of transparency and openness.


As rising leaders ourselves, we are inspired by our fabulously successful leaders: women who have pioneered the green-cleaning landscape before us, and who have million dollar sales figures, every year!

So, here is my question: "Can we have million dollar years, too?" Yes. But how do we get to that level?

  • One way would be to plug away for years in the school of hard knocks, paying our dues along the way, making mistakes, and experiencing all the growing pains on a long journey to success. In my view, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
  • Another way, a better way, and a faster way, would be to simply ask our top leaders, "How do you do that?" Ask and you shall receive! Our Planet Green Team leader, Sonya Eckel, knows that sharing her best business practices with us only enhances the total growth of her entire team. It's a win - win, for everybody!

To that end, we are helping to organize two Leadership Retreats: one here in Rochester, and one in Dallas, Texas.

The purpose of both events is to identify and share the most vital strategies, tips, and techniques of our most accomplished leaders. 

So, are you ready for our retreat? Keep reading for a preview...


LOCAL RETREAT: 11 am to 3 pm, Sunday, September 17th, 2017, Saratoga Crossings Clubhouse, 6141 Cedar Creek Way, Farmington, NY 14425, Registration fee $20

11:00-12:30, Developing a Growth Mindset: we'll meet Meg Burton-Tudman, owner of Spark Your Authenticity Coaching. Meg will lead us through the process of visualizing and mapping out a path to developing a growth mindset that will harness the power of expectation and outlook to supercharge our fall business plans.

12:45-1:30, Understanding the Compensation Plan for Leaders: VP Sales Leader, Toni Sterner, will lead us through an outline of the Norwex Compensation Plan that will allow each of us to plan for maximizing growth in our leadership income this fall.

1:45-2:15, Purposefully Participating in Social Media: Sr. Exec. Sales Leader, Gayle Rachford, will share social media expert, Eric Worre's, plan for utilizing our social media accounts to build reputation, gather meaningful contacts, and convert our social connections to business growth and team-building opportunities.

2:20-3:00, Goal Setting for 2018 with the Leadership Development Guide: this group workshop will provide us with a forum for sharing our vision for team growth and our promotional rank with Norwex. We will set our priorities for how to manage both our personal businesses and help our teams blossom this fall; and leave with a guideline to follow, which will help us promote to the next level of leadership.

...If these topics are "ringing your bell", be there! The $20 registration fee covers our room, food, and guest speaker. REGISTRATION FORM


NATIONAL RETREAT: January 1st - 3rd, 2018, Ranch north of Dallas, Texas

When PGT goes on Retreat, we KNOW how to work hard - play hard!! :D This January, we are making the most out of our annual Norwex Leadership Conference with a few days set aside, just for us! Here's a sneak peek...

Our estimated check-in time is New Year's Day afternoon, January 1, 2018. We'll have time to settle in, connect and chat. What an opportunity to talk with other Jackets about their leadership experiences as they have built their businesses in different ways throughout the years, and set our 2018 goals as a leadership team!

We'll plan for a group dinner on the evening of the 1st and enjoy each other's company, while we take in the best tips on mindset, outlook, and belief in the PGT spirit of sharing and caring.

Tuesday, January 2nd is our dig-in day! Breakfast will be bright and early, so that we can...

  • expand on teaching a growth-mindset to our teams
  • learn how to amplify our results with business assistants, virtual and in-person
  • double our recruiting at home parties and online
  • analyze the Comp Plan to maximize our potential earnings and navigate break-away or sudden changes in the productivity of our strongest Consultants and Leaders
  • reinvesting in our businesses for growth
  • retaining current leaders

We'll discuss...

  • cultivating a team culture of loyalty and dedication, while scouting up-and-coming leaders, identifying greatest time-saving strategies and tools, and learn about utilizing the best apps and software to create amazingly sustainable systems.
  • We'll hear reflections on "What do we know now that we wish we knew then?" from our current PGT Black Jackets. Then consider the long-game of looking ahead to "retirement" and passing along our robust Norwex businesses to younger family members.

Whew!! Did all of that fill your cup, or what?!? <3

Wednesday morning, we'll be up bright and early again to enjoy our last Jacket meal together for the trip. What a delight! Once we are packed, and checked-out, we'll shuttle over to the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel where we can get settled in before our individual team leaders arrive at the 2018 Norwex Leadership Conference.

PGT, we are blessed to have each other! <3 Looking forward to growing strong in the coming year and beyond. Check out our FaceBook Event page. Click "GOING", today!

We're a top team! ~Gayle