Strong Start University

We are excited to roll out a training program for our consultants! We call it "Strong Start University," or "StrongSTART U", for short. Our inspiration is to provide each and every team member with latest and greatest resources for growing our businesses.

Worth My Time?

You may ask, "Hey, Gayle! Does StrongSTART U really work?" My answer is "Yes, and I have the statistics to prove it!" We started our pilot program on July 3rd, 2017. Fiitfu, our team's e-mail system, has delivered fourteen training e-mails to over 150 consultants. Then, we tracked Subtotal A Sales for the last three months. Here are the 3 Month Average Sales results...

  • $61 for consultants who didn't view any training
  • $279 for those who only read up to 25% of the trainings
  • $505 for those who looked at nearly half of the trainings
  • $734 for team members who did read a bit more than half
  • $1,652 for consultants who viewed 75%, or more
  • $2,728 for team members who did ALL the trainings

Don't you think these numbers speak for themselves? Wow, the difference is night and day! Our spreadsheet reveals a strong positive correlation between training and higher sales. The same will be true for you!


Where does our training come from?

We methodically pulled the very best videos, downloads, podcasts, and tips from this diverse list of sources...

  1. Consultant Website: Training & Resources
  2. NoRA: Norwex Right Answers
  3. Norwex U
  4. Planet Green Team Training
  5. Belinda Ellsworth's Direct Selling for Dummies
  6. Norwex Learning Network Podcasts

It took hours and hours to sift through all the documents, watch all the YouTube clips, and click on all the links. We are very mindful of your time, so we skipped out-dated or redundant resources. In the end, we featured the most current and helpful information that is available to date. We collected the best-of-the-best and put it in an easy e-mail format, so you could view it on your smart phones or on your computers. The training e-mails can be saved, in case you need to refer to them at a later date. You are also welcome to forward selected messages to hostesses or potential recruits.

Have you heard of Fiitfu

It stands for "Fortune Is In The Follow Up," which is our team's e-mail service that delivers coordinated messages on individualized time-tables that match up with your FreshSTART incentives, during your first 90 days. All of the top Black Jacket leaders use, and recommend, Fiitfu as an excellent tool for providing all their team members with business practices that are guaranteed to super-charge sales, bookings, and recruits.

Fiitfu Dashboard FIXED.jpeg

Fiitfu also has a built-in UNSUBSCRIBE link for those of you who don't want all this business-building training; for example, V.I.P. customers, who like the 35% discount for friends and family orders, but who don't want to build big sales teams, right now. We like this no-pressure opt-out feature a lot.

For those of us who do want to earn fantastic commissions, recruit new team members, and promote to leadership positions, these e-mails are right for you. Our idea is to break up the training into small chunks that are highly relevant to each step in getting our businesses up and running.


Here are the topics in our StrongSTART U program...

  • Announcing Your New Business
  • Practice Party
  • Launch Party
  • Inviting Guests
  • Party Demos
  • Starter Kit
  • Business Supplies
  • Booking New Parties
  • Placing Orders on our Websites
  • Offering the Business Opportunity
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Compliance Do's & Don'ts

We want to get better!

We are eager to refine, streamline, and target the very best in new trainings, too! Our vision is for this training to be collaborative and interactive. We are open to new ideas and new approaches. Please post comments below, or hit "Reply" to any of our StrongSTART U e-mails to offer your own suggestions and recommendations.

We're a top team! ~Gayle

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