Charged Up after Conference!

We made it back from the 2017 Norwex National Conference in Minneapolis feeling charged up and enthusiastic!

Guess what? "We are OFFICIALLY a top team!" How do we know? Well, we are listed in the convention program in the categories of top sales and top recruiting! That didn't happen because of one of us. It happened because of all of us! We shared our excitement for Norwex products and the Norwex Mission. We scheduled parties. We coached our hostesses. We did compelling demos. We listened to the needs of our party guests. We had fun. We filled orders. We booked even more parties. And... we shared the business with others. 

Next year will be even better because Norwex introduced terrific new products...

Belinda Ellsworth also shared the magic of the Two Day Follow-Up call. She promised that this simple business practice of calling each party guest to say "Thank you" will transform our businesses. I'll post a link to the new Hostess Coaching video on our training page.

Thank you to Sonya Eckel for her dynamic leadership of Planet Green Team. We are so fortunate to be a part of her organization. Personally, she is approachable, gracious, and genuine. Sonya knows that the secret to building our whole team is to groom emerging leaders at every level, including you! Planet Green Team is on the move, and she's taking all of us along with her!

Hey, top team! Who is coming to Maui with us? VIDEO That's right. The crowd went nuts when Norwex announced the new incentive trip to Hawaii. This vacation of a lifetime will motivate us to rock our businesses from now until next June.

Seriously consider joining us for next year's Norwex Conference, which will be held at a resort in Texas. You'll get so much out of the experience, such as...

  • meeting like-minded consultants from around the country
  • feeling a wonderful sense of belonging and camaraderie
  • soaking up excellent business tips from well-organized training sessions
  • previewing all the new products, and
  • participating whole-heartedly in the Norwex Mission

As I unpack my suitcase, I feel truly grateful for this opportunity to be working with such an ethical, generous, and caring company. I also feel the tingle of anticipation as I think about all the wonderful things that are coming to our team this fall!

We're a top team! Gayle

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