Interactive Training


We have re-designed our Team Training Page. It's called "Welcome to Gayle's Office." Consultants on our Compassionate Concepts Team type in our password to access training posts that offer tips, best-practices, advice, and recommendations for getting new businesses off the ground.

Our goal is to help your FreshSTART Tracker look like this...


The training sessions contain video clips from our YouTube channel, useful links, and follow-up questions. Topics are organized from start to finish to guide you through the steps of setting up a successful business-- from your 1st Practice Party to promoting into Leadership positions.


Answers to our follow-up questions are collected using Google Sheets on our secure Google Drive.

Consultants who answer the questions correctly earn points toward incentive prizes...

  • free products
  • gift cards
  • shopping sprees
  • bonus gifts!

Then, we can use Google Analytics to see if our new consultants on our team are getting the training they need as move through their 90 day FreshSTART program.

Long-time experienced consultants are welcome to jump back in to...

  • refresh essential skills
  • catch up on new Norwex resources
  • re-energize your party calendar
  • promote the next level of leadership

We are excited about this ambitious project, because we truly believe that doing business with Norwex is fun, easy, profitable, and meaningful!

We welcome your comments and suggestions to enhance and improve our website.

We are better together!

We're a top team! Gayle