Being part of a Team

Last night I got a phone call from one of our team members. Oh no! She was on her way from Urgent Care to the hospital.

Even though she was experiencing a serious health crisis, she was most worried about the party that was on her calendar for 11 a.m. the next morning. She didn't want to cancel. She didn't want to let her hostess down. She didn't want to disappoint all the guests that were coming.

So, she called me for help. "Yes. Of course. No problem. I've got it. No worries. Take care of yourself. It will be alright."

Minutes later, I called the hostess to touch base about the last minute change of plans. She was flexible and gracious.

Today's party went ahead without a hitch. Everybody was cool.

After the party wrapped up, I ran over to the hospital.  Her doctors were running tests. She's going to be ok. She liked the strawberry smoothie that I brought her!

Since it isn't a perfect world, we are all going to have to lean on each other from time to time. Sometimes, the "emergencies" are minor: running out of catalogs or testing swabs. Sometimes, the cosmos fall out of alignment and we find our selves unexpectedly double-booked. Sometimes, the "emergencies" are major, like last night.

We have 166 members on our team right now. We aren't alone. We are surrounded by kind, helpful friends who will gladly come to our aid in a moment of need. Belonging to a group of capable and compassionate women is both comforting and empowering.

Hey, let's make it 167. Yes, you should join us!

We're a top team! Gayle

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