Team-Building Feels Good!

Logging on to my consultant office to check my "Team Genealogy" is an immensely satisfying experience. As I scroll down the list of consultants, I smile and say, "We built this team!" So many of our teammates are personal friends. More than a few consultants are relatives, too! It warms my heart to work with genuine, enthusiastic, and fun colleagues. We have so much in common. We all said "Yes!"


April 25th, 2014 was the day I signed up. I remember the surge of excitement as I made my FreshSTART goals. When all the free products started arriving on my doorstep, I got even more charged up. Cleaning with microfiber in my own home was awesome. Partying was fun, too. Helping hostesses, their families, and all their guests see the value of reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals in their homes was truly rewarding to me. The 35% discount and commission motivated me, too. I got so jazzed up that I qualified to get my starter kit for free in just 31 days!

Three years ago, building a team wasn't on my radar at all. Guess how long it took me to offer the business to someone? 149 days! In fact, I didn't even ask Jennifer to join, she asked me...over Facebook! That's right! For twenty-one weeks, I was so busy partying, placing orders, and booking new dates that I forgot to ask my hostesses to join me. Whoops!

Going to National Conference really changed my perspective on team-building. It isn't just about the leader bonuses, which are amazing, by the way! It isn't just about earning points for Mexico, Panama, and Maui either. The value of team building is amplifying the reach of the Norwex mission. Just like you, I'm just one person living in space and time. I can go to five or six parties a month. Most of these parties are in my hometown. Think about it. By myself, I can only share microfiber a little over sixty times in a whole year. 

As a solo consultant, I've helped 564 customers place orders at 185 parties. But, there are 128 million households in America that need to ditch plastic and chemicals! That is why it is important for us to build teams. Right now, our team consists of nearly 200 consultants. Together, we can party in 13,200 homes a year. That's AMPLIFICATION! It isn't about me, it's about us, and what we can accomplish together.

Here is a map of everyone on our team. That's right. We are a NATIONAL TEAM! New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon!


These days I intentionally offer the business to every hostess. I play a three minute "Ask Me about my Job" game using the green party cards at the end of all my parties. During checkout, I always ask guests, "Have you ever considered doing what I do?" These recruiting techniques are easy and simple. Our team is growing like never before.

Of course, it is up to you how much team-building you are going to do. That's the great thing about being an "independent" consultant. But let me encourage you to consider adding new team members. It isn't hard. Just ask. Invite. Check in. Share what works for you. As you promote to Team Coordinator, and later to Sales Leader, you'll feel a heart-warming sense of joy, friendship, camaraderie, and belonging! Team-building feels good. 

We're a top team! Gayle

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Gayle Rachford